World’s Largest Pool in Chile

Chile, or officially called the Republic of Chile, is endowed with plenty of tourist attractions for foreign and domestic travelers. Among these gifts is the world’s largest swimming pool. swimming pools by Pulse UK

Have you ever thought of constructing a pool right next to the ocean? Well, amazingly, Chile had built one and it has been known and recorded in the Guinness World of Record as the world’s largest swimming pool. This oversized pool overtook the glory from the world’s second largest pool, the Big Splash located in Morocco, whose features include an 8.9 acre of salt water, 150 yards long, and a 100 yards wide.

Fernando Fischmann, a Chilean Biochemist himself, once said that his company the, Crystal Lagoon Corporation, had met the advanced engineering requirements and added that as long as we have access to unlimited supply of seawater we can make it work and cause no damage to the ocean.

The World’s largest pool located in the South American Resort in San Alfonso Del Mar took about 5 years of planning and for it to be completed. The swimming pool is more than 1,000 yards long, has more than 115 foot deep end, holds about 66 million gallons of salty water, and covers about 20 acres. It is almost as huge as a football field.

Amazing right? But before any celebration, the Chile government invested huge amount of money to develop their “natural” theme park for visitors as well as for their own Chilean fellowmen to enjoy and relax with their families and friends. The project was estimated to have cost more than $1.5 billion to build the breath taking luxury pool. The investment for the project was all worth it. Through the created paradise, Chile continues to flourish their economy and tourism attracting millions of visitor world wide. The enormity of the pool reflected the possibilities of growth for Chile.

Resort guests of San Alfonso Del Mar often use kayaks and small boats just to move around the pool. Visitors are taking the most of their stay as they witness the real beauty of the pool.The swimming pool has a computer controlled filtration and suction systems the help balance the flow of water. Seawater is drawn from the ocean and processed through the system to produce crystal clear water. The salt water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the swimming pool at the very deep end of it.

The sun somewhat helps the water in the pool warm at 26OC which is about 9 degrees warmer than the sea adjacent to it. So, how do they maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool? Through a process called the Pulse Oxidation, also developed by Fischmann’s team, the swimming pool maintains its cleanliness. The pool uses at least 10 times less chemicals that are used in standard swimming pools that often consumes thousands of gallons of chlorine. The pool is also equipped with 150 wall sensors. In addition to the system installed, the¬†Chile¬†government allocates a $4 million budget annually to maintain the pool’s cleanliness and safety by keeping the ocean water filtered and re-circulated with a temperature of about 80OF during the summer season.