Sprinkler System Startup – How to Turn On Your Lawn Irrigation System in the Spring

In most areas, sprinkler systems get winterized in the fall. This means the water might be off and tired from your sprinkler device.

To begin, find your backflow preventer. This is commonly located on the outdoor of the house. It will commonly have two ball valves and some pepcock valves.
Using a screw driving force, make sure the pepcock valves are closed. Close the ball valves, from time to time you will want channel lock pliers to do this.
Now you’re prepared to show on the water to the sprinkler system. Always keep in mind to fill your sprinkler strains slowly. The valve to show at the water is commonly near your water meter inside the residence. Turn the valve handle slowly to fill the lines between there and the backflow preventer. houston sprinkler repair
Once the road is stuffed, visit the backflow preventer and open the lower ball valve. This is the only closest to the water supply at the backflow preventer. This will near the check valve and supply water to the second one ball valve at the backflow. Sometimes water will unload from the top or bottom of the backflow preventer. This is everyday.
Turn on the second one ball valve 1/three of a turn and fill your mainline. This is the road between your backflow and the irrigation valves. Remember to fill the line slowly to prevent a hammer on the mainline.
One way to test and make certain your mainline is charged (full of water) is that you may no longer pay attention a hissing sound and the dial on the water meter might be nonetheless. (As long as nobody within the residence is using water.)
Programming your controller is next. All controllers have the identical primary features.

Time and Current Date (Remember to observe the am and pm)
Program Start Times (Most sprinkler structures run on one begin time. If you’ve got a drip region this will want to run at unique times than the turf zones)
Station Run Time
Advance Cycles (This is the days that it will run, Odd/Even, Custom or Cycle)
The most common mistakes made when programming the controller is having the cutting-edge day off by twelve hours and having the program start times entered incorrectly. If your controller turned into plugged in all winter it may do not forget the settings, however it’s far high-quality to test. If you’ve got a battery set up, now might be an awesome time to update it.

Turn on every sector in my opinion or in check mode and take a look at your zones outside as they run. Always check for leaks.
While every sector is running, take a look at every sprinkler head, making sure it’s far running and spraying efficaciously.
Open all the irrigation valve packing containers and test for leaks even as the irrigation device is running.
I constantly tell my clients that rotor heads run for 20 to 30 Min, and spray heads run for 10 to 18 min. Also keep in mind that the north side and shady parts of the backyard won’t need as tons time to water and sunny regions might also want greater time. This will assist your backyard live greener and keep water.
Water taking pictures within the air, standing water, and bulges within the turf are all signs of a trouble. If this occurs, flip the water off to the gadget so that it would not waste water till it’s miles repaired. That ought to do it, I wish this helped and which you enjoy a protracted problem-free season with your garden irrigation machine. Feel loose to apply this content.

Jarrett Culverhouse

Carefree Lawn & Sprinkler, Inc.