Intensive SEO course (SEO Leader – SEO Manager)

Intensive SEO course (SEO Leader – SEO Manager)


The street to “marshal” position is of course not easy as well as for SEO industry, the difficulty will be multiplied!

Want to reap success on the road to conquer the top named Yahoo. Want to go up to the dominant position, become SEO Leader, SEO Manager? … only the basic SEO knowledge is not enough “suitable” that we have to have a perfect smart SEO strategy, a completely different SEO pondering and an optimal SEO management solution, …


Just what exactly is the “door to lead the way” so that you can get in touch with the intensive SEO strategies prior to the times, the clear thinking about world-class SEO Experts?


The answer is extremely simple, join a rigorous SEO training course (SEO Leader – SEO Manager) at Foogleseo digital marketing training center.


Professional, reputable SEO course – Thinking about the top Yahoo SEO strategy Global


We are able to affirm: In Ho Chi Minh City, Foogleseo is the first institute to purchase building and growing Phai’s broad visual coaching method, combined with practical experience used the procedure. Successful execution of hundreds of major local and international SEO tasks.


Who can join the course

  • CEO & Digital Marketing Acency want to create Team SEO (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING), professionally, mastering intensive SEO knowledge.
  • SEO Leader, SEO Manager wishes to boost SEO strategic pondering & task management.
  • SEOer wants to boost SEO strategic thinking, understand thoroughly about SEO in depth. Desire to be SEO Leader – SEO Manager in the foreseeable future.
  • People pursuing job Make Money Online (MMO) want to understand deeply SEO ways of build their own system.
  • Shop owners want to SEO themselves for the web site of the Shop, do not retain SEO services.
  • Students in IT, Marketing, … want to include knowledge about SEO, after finding a job related to SEO.
  • The Chief, Deputy Manager of Sales, Marketing, … want to increase the performance of the items and add understanding of Online Marketing especially SEO.
  • Online Marketing lovers & enthusiasts generally speaking and SEO specifically, …
  • You intend to step into the avenue of professional SEO.
  • And you simply in other areas need to review SEO to help the great things about your work.


After intensive SEO courses (SEO Leader – SEO Manager) students can completely

  • Excellent SEO knowledge (OnPage, OffPage, Friendly & other in-depth knowledge), ingenious combination between: SEO pondering, SEO strategy, SEO model and tactical system: Different SEO pondering “Manager – Considering – Smart”.
  • Personal SEO keywords difficult & more likely to overall SEO strategy.
  • Applying Pondering SEO Difference “Manager – Thinking – Smart” to up-level SEO ideas.
  • Control the utmost efficiency in each different SEO strategies.
  • Believe in relation to becoming a professional SEOer, SEO Leader, SEO Manager in the foreseeable future.
  • And there are countless other worth ​​… …

More special thing

  • Following the course if students need to practice to experience the actual task, Foogleseo has many practical assignments for students to “work” to boost their SEO skills.
  • With the coverage of “recruiting talent”, excellent and excellent students will be “welcomed” to just work at Foogleseo or will be unveiled into the big Acency Digital Marketing showing their talents.