If You Love Hamburgers – Don’t Miss These 3 Delicious Burgers

This is suppose to be in which a piece of writing would consist of a witty advent.

But you ain’t here to read something smart fluff approximately me or Chicago or anything else. Right? You’re here for the same cause I went to these first rate eating place — The killer Burgers.

So, permit’s get proper to them. You’re gonna love those.

1. The BBQ Burger at Marc BurgerĀ Chef marc

If you’re a BBQ fan, you may have visited my site The Weekend Grillers. You recognise that I do now not appearance kindly on “fake BBQ.” Adding sauce does no longer make it BBQ. True BBQ is a procedure of smoking and grilling. The sauce is simply a bonus.

So to say I ordered the BBQ Burger at Marc Burger with a slightly suspicious mindset would be like pronouncing the buildings in Chicago are a tad tall.

I might be consuming my words — if I were not busy ingesting the very last chew of my scrumptious burger.

This is one satisfactory burger. Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s thick and chunky home-made sauce is a killer. According to the menu it includes coffee, chipotle and harissa among, I’m positive, many different substances. It compliments the beef very well, but Marc seals the address more than one strips of some of the great applewood smoked bacon I have ever eaten.

It’s no longer actual BBQ – But for as soon as, I ain’t complaining. Not at all.

Marc Burger is in Macy’s 111 N. State St. (seventh Floor) The BBQ Burger is $9

2. Signature Cheeseburger at The Capital Grille

After the BBQ Burger, I wanted just a traditional burger. You don’t get extra “conventional” in Chicago than the Capital Grille.

This legendary steakhouse grinds up its pinnacle sirloin, adds applewood smoked bacon (love that stuff) and caramelized onions after which charbroils the patty to an ideal doneness earlier than slapping on a thick slice of Havariti. It’s so juicy that it certainly should use a better bun than the one they chose. But once more, I ain’t complaining. The Signature Cheeseburger became the entirety I desired.

The Capital Grille is a bit of a sequence having eating places all around the US. The one in Chicago is at 633 N. St. Clair St. The Signature Cheeseburger in Chicago is $15

3. Charburger on Pita at Cross-Rhodes

For my final advice, I want to direct you to something simply a piece exclusive and a tad outdoor of downtown.

The Charburger on Pita is, nicely, precisely what it appears like. Its a fresh flame-broiled hunk of beef, shoved into a flour pita with feta cheese, lettuce and what can nice be described as “Greek-style stir fry.” It’s no longer sincerely a burger, however it has all of the essence of the satisfactory burgers. And it is darn right. Don’t leave out this in case you are in Evanston.

Cross-Rhodes is at 913 Chicago Ave. In Evanston and the Charburger on Pita is going for a cheap $6.Seventy five.

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