How to Network With a Broadband Router

Technological advancements have really come a long way. Today, you have the option of installing a router for your broadband connection. You can purchase a separate router or you can find an internet provider that includes this in the package they are offering. http 192.168 l 254

All in all, a router has many features beneficial to an internet user. It provides more security to your local area network and also enables you to communicate with other computers as well. Let me tell you more of the easy process in networking your broadband router:

Step 1: In this type of router, you can usually find up to 4 Ethernet ports. That means, you can connect and network up to 4 computers too. However, you can extend the number of computers you want in your network by adding external switches.

Step 2: Attach Ethernet cable to the back of the computer with one end connecting to one of the Ethernet ports at the back of the router. Do this for all your computers.

Step 3: Configure the settings of the router. It includes a manual you need to follow. Set up network connections, change administrator password and change SSID to make it more secure. You can also set up the firewall and the information on how to do that depends on the brand of router you have. You can find them all in the manual.

Step 4: You may also need to log on to their website to find some updates on how to tweak the settings of your router. After that, you can now set a local area network.

Step 5: Go to the control panel and click Network and Sharing. Click “create local area network”. Add the computers you want to be included in the network. This way, you can share the files. If you want to access a file from another computer, just left click the folder, click properties and click sharing to share the file. If you open networks in your computer, you can see the shared files already.

These steps can walk you through the process of networking your broadband router. You might also want to get a wireless router for your optimum convenience. This type of router connects wireless devices to the internet. If you have a laptop at home, you can bring the laptop anywhere in the house and still connect to the internet. This redefines our perception of internet connection.