Diamond Engagement Rings – Advice For Guys Who Don’t Have a Clue

Buying a diamond engagement ring can often be a complicated and intimidating enjoy for a person. Most guys are actually now not inquisitive about diamonds. When they pop the question, they need an engagement ring but don’t have any concept what to look for.  訂婚戒指

This article affords some simple, straightforward advice for men who do not have a clue about shopping for their first diamond engagement ring.

1. What style of engagement ring must I be seeking out?

Unless your lady friend has told you she has a particular fashion in mind, the safest bet is to shop for a easy and elegant gold ring putting with a unmarried diamond set at the pinnacle. This is referred to as a diamond solitaire engagement ring. The gold setting by myself will cost you much less than $200. If she wants to choose a flowery setting later, you may dispose of the single diamond from this ring and use it as the center diamond in a fancy ring placing without sacrificing a good deal to your first funding.

2. What shade gold have to you choose for the hoop?

Take note of what your lady friend wears. Yellow gold ladies typically wear brilliant hues and have olive or darker skin tone. Most girls these days decide upon white gold. If she has dark hair and has a tendency to put on a lot of black or white garb, she is a white gold female.

Three. What length need to the diamond be in her engagement ring?

This is the answer it really is going to harm your wallet. A 1/4-carat diamond is out of the query, way too small for a solitaire engagement ring. A half-carat diamond may be ok if it really is all you may manage to pay for, however it isn’t going to be an outstanding engagement ring. A diamond among 3/4 and 1-carat is going to in reality get her excited. When she shows it to her girlfriends they will be a bit resentful that she got a man of popularity (you) and they did not. This is right for her self-photo, and each lady wishes a little improve in that department.

Four. What is the quality fee I pays for a big diamond ring?

If you are making a clever purchase, you could get a three/four-carat diamond ring for between $950 and $2000. You can get a 1-carat diamond ring for among $1200 and $3500. The trick is to find a decrease high-quality diamond that isn’t always downright unpleasant. You must keep the right stability among diamond reduce grade, diamond clarity grade and diamond color grade at the GIA score scale. You need to additionally buy a diamond that is certified by a good gem lab together with GIA, IGI, IGL, or EGL-USA.

5. Where ought to I store for my diamond ring?

First take a trip on your local mall. Look, however do not buy your diamond ring there. In multiple hours you becomes familiar with “The 4 C’s”, and also you want to judge along with your very own eyes the distinction between the bottom grade diamond, and a high grade costly diamond. The jewelry salesperson will maximum probably pressure you to buy their maximum high priced diamond. Don’t be shy: ask to look their least highly-priced diamond as properly. Then move directly to the following jewelry shop.

Retail jewelry shops normally make a 50% markup on their diamonds. There are plenty of reputable diamond sellers at the net that make between 7% to 15% markup on the identical diamond ring.

Get on line and do a search for “three/4 to 1 carat certified diamond”. Make positive your diamond is licensed through one of the labs referred to above, and that the website offers a 30-day no questions requested go back coverage. Don’t strive to shop for a diamond from an public sale website.

6. Narrow your diamond ring picks on several excellent jewelry web sites.

Now is whilst you need to workout your smart buying ability.

About diamond Clarity: on the GIA grading scale certified diamonds are rated for Clarity grade by way of a gemologist using a ten-power magnifying loupe. A Clarity grade of SI or higher method that there aren’t any inclusions (flaws) seen to the bare eye. This means that until your friends have a magnifying glass accessible, there is no perceptible distinction among a Clarity grade of SI and VVS, but there’s a big distinction in fee. Consider SI as your top Clarity grade. A smooth I1 Clarity diamond can be a amazing good deal. If the seen flaws are white crystals or needles and they’re at the outer perimeter of the diamond (the crown perspective), you’ll save from $500 to $1000 over an SI Clarity and there may not be tons seen difference. You may want to get lucky with an I2 Clarity diamond, however be prepared to return it. A drop to I2 Clarity will prevent every other $500 to $a thousand over an I1 grade. However, most I2-I3 diamonds are called inside the alternate “white damage” or “frozen spit”, due to the fact that’s what they seem like. When your I2 Clarity diamond ring arrives, take it into the daylight and examine it. If it’s far completely dull and foggy, return it. If it’s far full of black crystals and doesn’t refract daylight, go back it. If it’s far primarily clear within the center (the table) and you can see flashes of brilliance and scintillation (rainbow shades), then you have an awesome I-2 Clarity diamond and you’ve saved yourself a few cash.

About Diamond Color: if you want the largest diamond ring for the bottom rate, judging diamond Color grade is quite easy. Most humans will no longer be aware a big distinction between a “colorless grade” (D-E-F) and a “near-colorless grade” (G-H-I) on the GIA grading scale. You can store money with self assurance if the diamond is certified as a G-H Color. You may additionally be aware a warm solid if the diamond is certified as an I Color, but this has no effect on the brilliance of your diamond. A K or lower Color diamond will have a particular dirty-yellow cast, so that you should no longer purchase these Color grades.

About Diamond Cut: The Cut Grade of a diamond is the most critical thing in relation to the beauty and brilliance of your diamond ring. Some diamond certificates don’t nation the Cut grade, so right here is where you need to depend upon the recognition of the provider you’re buying from. If you may be certain that your diamond is an Excellent or Very Good Cut grade, then you definitely have made a good investment. An Excellent Cut diamond will return a shower of white light, fireplace, and scintillation to the viewer’s eye. A Fair or Poor Cut diamond, no matter the Color and Clarity grade, can be dead and dull. Look for the best Cut grade you can locate.

7. Make your final diamond solitaire ring selection.

It’s not a bad concept to buy diamond rings on from one-of-a-kind net sellers. Make certain they have got a really stated return coverage for your complete buy charge. Compare both earrings side by way of facet in the sunlight, and return the only you do not like.

From everything you have study above, you may tell 3 things approximately saving money on a huge diamond ring:

First, the “safe spot” is to pick out a diamond of SI Clarity, G-H Color and Excellent Cut.

Second, the “exceptional value” is to pick a diamond of I1 Clarity, G-H-I Color and Excellent Cut.

Third, the “feasible bargain” is to pick out a diamond of I2 Clarity, I-J Color and Excellent to Very Good Cut.

Make positive your diamond ring is lab licensed, and ensure you can go back it for a full refund if you don’t adore it.